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Champions League Pickoff 2009-10 Tournament
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Sep 02, 2009
08:34 PM
Dear Football Fans,

Welcome to the 2009-10 Champions League Pick-off tournament. Here are the rules:

1. Must Register and Login. Use the Forgot Password tool to get the password emailed to you, should you have already registered and forgotton.

2. Selection Ends @ 5 minutes Prior to each game.

3. If you don't pick a "Game", you will loose "That Game"

4. You will earn a Win for Tied Games

5. To view other people's picks, just click their name in the Fantasy standing for that Fantasy Sports.

6. Jhyap LLC's employee and their family cannot win tournament.

What are we playing for?

1. Group Stage & Knock-out winners, each win a Jersey of choice from anywhere in the world.

There must be minimum 20 participants to win prizes.
> 20 people, Authentic Jersey of Retail value upto $100.
> 50 the win is Authentic Jersey of Retail value upto $150.
> 100 two winners of Authentic Jerseys of Retail value each upto $150.

2. Weekly winners win a CHOICE of email OR if
> 50 people, the win is Bob Marley T-Shirt (Retail value $25)

How to Play?

1. Pick the team you think will win in "Your Selection page".

2. If you're picking the first time, the best ranked teams are pre-selected for you.

3. Once picking all the teams, predict a score for the last game of the matchday, to break the winners' tie.

4. Click the Big Green Click Button on the bottom of the page to submit.

You're done Picking for the week.

>> Then, if you want, continue to pick for the rest of the season, which of course you can change any time you want, until Five Minutes prior to the game day time.

>> To view other people's picks for a game, just put the mouse over the team logo for that game.

>> To view other people's other picks, visit the Fantasy Standing Page and Click the Week for the player.

>> Continue discussion at this Discussion Page

>> My username is shivaji and this is what I use for my Picks for the season/week.

>> .mostPickedByUs is used by the program to pick the team that most of us picked

>> Please reply to this thread for any questions.

>> Use 'User CP' to change password and your favorite teams. The Logo appears next to your selection Page.

>> Games online are available for all the games on the Game Day.

Directions for how to use these links:

Step 1 - download the player specified. Download SopCast for games with "SopCast" links, download TVUplayer for "TVU" links and download TVants for "TVants" links. Direct download links are as follows:
Sopcast Player
TVU Player

Step 2 - Click the link listed next to the game. The program will open to the game.

Step 3 - Enjoy.

Peace and Good Luck.

~ Jhyap - Get Jhyap Play Jhyap - Family
Sep 03, 2009
08:50 PM
it is fun..
thanks for creating this site..
Oct 02, 2009
01:56 PM
HI, There is a bug in the wins updates. I will fix it soon. Thank you.
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