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What is Jhyap?
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Aug 22, 2009
11:03 PM
Jhyap is a slang word having several meanings depending on certain events. The word is widely spoken by almost all Nepalese everywhere, and recently in the North West USA.

Jhyap means:

1. To be in the state of intoxication and/or pleasure (high, euphoria, drunk, meditation) with or without the use of drugs or agents (herbs, mushrooms, alcohol, processed herbs). Originally used to describe the high from consuming or smoking marijuana.
eg, You are Jhyap. In Nepali, "Ta Jhyap Chhas." "Ta" means "you".

2. Someone who is Jhyap all the time, mostly used in Plural.
eg., You Jhyap(s). In Nepali, "Jhyapharu". "Haru" is used to pluralize nouns.

3. To steal or rob something/someone.
eg., You Jhyap. In Nepali, "Tailey Jhyap Hanish." "Hanish" means "to hit".

4. A card game named Jhyap, played between 2-6 players. The origin of the game is Nepal, in the Himalayas. Also to declare that you have the best hand in the game of Jhyap, and to counter a Jhyap.

More? Please reply!
nplz boy
May 14, 2013
08:47 PM
हाहा बबाल छ डोमेन नाम त !तर यो फोरम हो कि के हो यार :D
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